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Supreme Court - Court of Appeal - High Court : Civil electronic document protocol

Higher Courts Civil Electronic Document Protocol 2016

Following a series of seminars with the profession a revised Civil Electronic Document Protocol has been issued by the Higher Courts in May 2016. It replaces the protocol issued in April 2016. The purpose of the protocol is to encourage and facilitate the use of electronic documents for civil cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.  The protocol describes the term "casebook" and how it is to be used for High Court trials.  It gives greater guidance about how to name and place materials within the electronic format.  Naming conventions for descriptions including dates have changed. In May 2016 para 7.2 was modified.

Higher Courts Civil Electronic Document Protocol effective 27 May 2016 (PDF, 393 KB)

The High Court has a practice note for the use of electronic common bundles and electronic casebooks in the High Court.  It can be found in the Practice Notes for the High Court.