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Earthquake list Christchurch

In 2011 the High Court made a commitment that earthquake-related cases would be dealt with as swiftly as the Court's resources permit. In fulfilment of that commitment the Court established the Earthquake List to manage earthquake-related litigation.

The Earthquake List is overseen by the Hon. Justice Gendall and Associate Judge Osborne who are supported by Judicial Support Advisor Jeremy Kaye.

Upon filing, earthquake-related cases (including judicial review and summary judgment applications) are referred to an Earthquake List Judge for a decision on whether they should be placed on the Earthquake List.

Earthquake List cases receive fast track case management through to trial and priority is given to cases which are urgent or which raise issues with precedential value.

Memo & Protocols - Experts

June 2018 :

A table of all cases entered on the Earthquake list and their status is updated on a quarterly basis. If you have any queries, please contact the Judicial Support Advisor at


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