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Judicial review lists

The High Court instituted Judicial Review Lists (JR List) in Auckland (April 2013) and Wellington (December 2013), to ensure the efficient management of judicial review cases and that urgent cases are promptly heard and determined. Collins J runs the Wellington list. In Auckland, Ellis J will run the list from August (taking over from Cooper J). Once a proceeding is listed, counsel are sent a check list of things to be addressed at a callover. If parties co-operate and file a joint memorandum dealing with these, appearances at the callover can usually be dispensed with. In Wellington, the list is conducted on either the first Monday or Tuesday of each month (depending on the list judge's availability). Cases that are ready for hearing are allocated a fixture. Since the JR List was introduced in Wellington the average time from the commencement of a judicial review proceeding to a fixture is five months. Urgent cases are able to be heard sooner than this. In Auckland, cases are called every Thursday at 9 am, when timetabling orders are made and in most cases a fixture is able to be allocated for the hearing of the substantive application. This is typically within 2 months to 3 months of the callover.

July 2014

Justice H D Winkelmann

Chief High Court Judge