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Supreme Court Decisions 2013

NameDate of JudgmentReferenceMedia release
BFSL 2007 Ltd & Ors (In Liquidation) v Steigrad23December2013[2013] NZSC 156Media release
Francis Thomas Dooley v Raymond Bruce Smith20December2013[2013] NZSC 155
The New Zealand Pork Industry Board v The Director-General of the Ministry for Primary Industries20December2013[2013] NZSC 154Media release
Alyxe John Wood-Luxford v Mark John Wood19December2013[2013] NZSC 153Media release
P (SC 87/2012) v Bridgecorp Ltd (In Receivership and in Liquidation)19December2013[2013] NZSC 152Media release
B(SC12/2013) v R19December2013[2013] NZSC 151Media release
Harrison v Auckland District Health Board18December2013[2013] NZSC 150
David Neil Balfour v R18December2013[2013] NZSC 149
Banbrook v R18December2013[2013] NZSC 148
Planet Kids Ltd v Auckland Council17December2013[2013] NZSC 147Media release
Taueki v R17December2013[2013] NZSC 146Media release
Joan Mary Gilfedder v R13December2013[2013] NZSC 145
Darren George Hosking v R13December2013[2013] NZSC 144
John Lester McKenzie v R10December2013[2013] NZSC 143
CT v R09December2013 [2013] NZSC 142
LSG Sky Chefs New Zealand Ltd v Pacific Flight Catering Ltd & PRI Flight Catering Ltd06December2013[2013] NZSC 141
John Morgan Mackenzie v Legal Services Commissioner 06December2013[2013] NZSC 140
Terminals (NZ) Ltd v Comptroller of Customs06December2013[2013] NZSC 139Media release
Patrick Dean Norris v The Queen04December2013[2013] NZSC 138
Vincent Ross Siemer v Michael Peter Stiassny and Korda Mentha04December2013[2013] NZSC 137
Vincent Ross Siemer v Judicial Conduct Commissioner04December2013[2013] NZSC 136
West Coast ENT Ltd v Buller Coal Ltd03December2013[2013] NZSC 133
Mikhail Rafael Pandey-Johnson v R02December2013[2013] NZSC 135
Te Runanga-A-Iwi O Ngati Kahu v Far North District Council 02December2013[2013] NZSC 134
The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust v Church Property Trustees & Anor02December2013[2013] NZSC 132
John Kenneth Slavich v The Attorney-General26November2013[2013] NZSC 130
V v R (Leave Judgment)26November2013[2013] NZSC 129
Redcliffe Forestry Venture Ltd v The Commissioner of Inland Revenue20November2013[2013] NZSC 128
Guy v Bank of New Zealand18November2013[2013] NZSC 127
Tauranga Law v John Appleton and Ors18November2013[2013] NZSC 126
Gollan v R18November2013[2013] NZSC 125
Edwards v The District Court at Dunedin, Oamaru and the Waitaki District Council15November2013[2013] NZSC 124
Save Kapiti Incorporated v New Zealand Transport Agency14November2013[2013] NZSC 123
William Duffield McKee v R14November2013[2013] NZSC 122
Raeleen Matewai Noyle Rameka v R14November2013[2013] NZSC 121
Mawhinney v Nags Head Horse Hotel Limited14November2013[2013] NZSC 120
Vincent Ross Siemer v Attorney-General14November2013[2013] NZSC 116
Vincent Ross Siemer v Michael Peter Stiassny & Anor 14November2013[2013] NZSC 115
Vincent Ross Siemer v Michael Peter Stiassny & Korda Mentha 14November2013[2013] NZSC 114
Vincent Ross Siemer v Judicial Conduct Commissioner 14November2013[2013] NZSC 113
Vincent Ross Siemer v Judicial Conduct Commissioner14November2013[2013] NZSC 112
Vincent Ross Siemer v Michael Richard Heron14November2013[2013] NZSC 111
Vincent Ross Siemer v Michael Peter Stiassny & Anor 14November2013[2013] NZSC 110
Mark Heteraka v R13November2013[2013] NZSC 119
Najeeb Dawood Dawood v R13November2013[2013] NZSC 118
Arcadia Homes Ltd (In Liquidation) v More to Life Ltd & Andrew George Clark as Trustees of the Ultimate Lifestyle Trust 11November2013[2013] NZSC 117
John Douglas McKenzie v R11November2013[2013] NZSC 109
Ridgecrest NZ Ltd v IAG NZ Ltd08November2013[2013] NZSC 108
Michael Victor Bourneville and Mark Graham Blewden v Christine Jill Marshall08November2013[2013] NZSC 107
Gash v R04November2013[2013] NZSC 106
Guy v Bank of New Zealand25October2013[2013] NZSC 105
Douglas Arthur Montrose Graham; Michael Howard Reeves, William Patrick Jeffries and Lawrence Roland Valpy Bryant v The Queen25October2013[2013] NZSC 104
William Victor George Conway v R24October2013[2013] NZSC 103
Allied Concrete Ltd v Jeffery Phillip Meltzer (Windows Holdings Ltd)24October2013[2013] NZSC 102
Environmental Defence Society Inc v NZ King Salmon Co Ltd18October2013[2013] NZSC 101
Harrison v Auckland District Health Board15October2013[2013] NZSC 98
Guo Wei Deng v R15October2013[2013] NZSC 100
Worldwide NZ LLC v New Zealand Venue & Event Management Ltd11October2013[2013] NZSC 97
Shadrock v R09October2013[2013] NZSC 96
Evgeny Orlov v New Zealand Law Society08October2013[2013] NZSC 94
Ellis v R08October2013 [2013] NZSC 95
Bland v R07October2013[2013] NZSC 93
Lawler v R03October2013[2013] NZSC 92
Helu v Immigration and Protection Tribunal03October2013[2013] NZSC 91
Beavis v De Vere20September2013[2013] NZSC 90
Waterhouse v Contractor Bonding Ltd20September2013[2013] NZSC 89Media release
Ifeanyi Jude Akulue v R19September2013[2013] NZSC 88Media release
West Coast Ent Inc v Buller Coal Ltd19September2013[2013] NZSC 87Media release
Napier Tool & Die Limited v Oraka Technologies Ltd12September2013[2013] NZSC 86
GPM v JHM12September2013[2013] NZSC 85
GPM v JHM 27August2013[2013] NZSC 84
Zurich Australian Insurance Limited v Cognition Education Limited21August2013[2013] NZSC 82
Kumar & Ors v Station Properties Ltd21August2013[2013] NZSC 81
Lisiate v R21August2013[2013] NZSC 80
Wilson v R20August2013[2013] NZSC 78
Beavis v De Vere19August2013[2013] NZSC 79
Fukofuka v R16August2013[2013] NZSC 77Media release
Siemer v The Solicitor-General26July2013[2013] NZSC 76
Wilfred v Gan & Yu26July2013[2013] NZSC 75
Reekie v Attorney-General & Ors25July2013[2013] NZSC 74
Grace Riana Boagey v R23July2013[2013] NZSC 73
Rafiq v Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment 18July2013[2013] NZSC 72
Savvy Vineyards 3552 Ltd v Karaka Estate Ltd17July2013[2013] NZSC 71
Beckham v R16July2013[2013] NZSC 70
Rabson v Chapman16July2013[2013] NZSC 69
Siemer v The Solicitor-General12July2013[2013] NZSC 68Media release
Te Whanau O Rangiwhakaahu Hapu Charitable Trust v Chief Executive, Land Information NZ09July2013[2013] NZSC 67
Alesco New Zealand Ltd v Commissioner of Inland Revenue09July2013[2013] NZSC 66
Rabson v Chapman02July2013[2013] NZSC 65
Grace Riana Boagey v R02July2013[2013] NZSC 64
Carr v Brookside Farm Trust Ltd02July2013[2013] NZSC 63
Y (SC 40/2013) v R02July2013[2013] NZSC 62
Duffy v R24June2013[2013] NZSC 61
Brooks Homes Limited and others v NZ Tax Refunds Limited21June2013[2013] NZSC 60
John Colman v Attorney-General13June2013[2013] NZSC 59
The New Zealand Pork Industry Board v The Director General of the Ministry for Primary Industries12June2013[2013] NZSC 58
Worthy Redeemed (aka Lee Errol James Silvester) v R 12June2013[2013] NZSC 57
John Colman v Attorney-General11June2013[2013] NZSC 55
Gollan v R11June2013[2013] NZHC 56
S (SC 24/2013) v Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development10June2013[2013] NZSC 54
The New Zealand Pork Industry Board v The Director-General of the Ministry of Primary Industries31May2013[2013] NZSC 53
Colman v Attorney-General17May2013[2013] NZSC 52
Dotcom & Ors v The United States of America16May2013[2013] NZSC 51
The New Zealand Pork Industry Board v The Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry15May2013[2013] NZSC 50
Kahui v R14May2013[2013] NZSC 49
IA v R08May2013[2013] NZSC 48
McGrath v New Zealand Police08May2013[2013] NZSC 47
Wu v Body Corporate 366611 03May2013[2013] NZSC 46
Kahui v R01May2013[2013] NZSC 45
Hart v ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd01May2013[2013] NZSC 44
Osborne v Auckland Council01May2013[2013] NZSC 43
Seaton v Minister for Land Information29April2013[2013] NZSC 42Media release
Hannigan v R26April2013[2013] NZSC 41Media release
Signer & Ors v R23April2013[2013] NZSC 40
Nicholls v R19April2013[2013] NZSC 39
Britz v R19April2013[2013] NZSC 38
B (SC 12/2013) v R18April2013[2013] NZSC 37
Planet Kids Limited v Auckland Council18April2013[2013] NZSC 36
Independent Fisheries Ltd & Clearwater Land Holdings Ltd v Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery18April2013[2013] NZSC 35
Kovinantie Vahafolua Fukofuka v R18April2013[2013] NZSC 34
Hamidzadeh v R16April2013[2013] NZSC 33
BFSL 2007 Limited & Ors v Steigrad15April2013[2013] NZSC 32
Jeffries v R15April2013[2013] NZSC 31
Turner v Davis12April2013[2013] NZSC 30
Schmidt & Anor v Pepper New Zealand (Custodians) Ltd12April2013[2013] NZSC 29
Fergusson v R11April2013[2013] NZSC 28
Hart v ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited11April2013[2013] NZSC 27
Kain v Wynn Williams & Co08April2013[2013] NZSC 26
Credit Suisse Private Equity LLC v Eric Meserve Houghton08April2013[2013] NZSC 25
Siemer v Stiassny 26March2013[2013] NZSC 24
Keshvara v Blanchett21March2013[2013] NZSC 23
Barrie v Police15March2013[2013] NZSC 21
P v Bridgecorp Limited (in receivership and in liquidation)15March2013[2013] NZSC 20
Tito v Tito 14March2013[2013] NZSC 19
Leef v R14March2013[2013] NZSC 18
MacPherson v R14March2013[2013] NZSC 17
Lawson v R13March2013[2013] NZSC 16
New Zealand Post Limited v Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa Incorporated 13March2013[2013] NZSC 15
Egen v R11March2013[2013] NZSC 14
R v Ahsin11March2013[2013] NZSC 13
Re Greenpeace of New Zealand Inc08March2013[2013] NZSC 12
Siemer v Stiassny07March2013[2013] NZSC 11
M v Minister of Immigration04March2013[2013] NZSC 9
Davidson v R28February2013[2013] NZSC 8
H v R28February2013[2013] NZSC 7
The New Zealand Maori Council v The Attorney-General27February2013[2013] NZSC 6Media release
Hunter v R26February2013[2013] NZSC 5
Rabson v Croad19February2013[2013] NZSC 3
Stanley v R07February2013[2013] NZSC 2
Baird v R05February2013[2013] NZSC 1