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Supreme Court Decisions 2016

NameDate of JudgmentReferenceMedia release
Olivia Waiyee Lee v Whangarei District Council22December2016[2016] NZSC 173Media release
S (SC 119/2016) v R22December2016[2016] NZSC 172
Kawarau Village Holdings Limited v Ho Kok Sun and Ors21December2016[2016] NZSC 171
Dominique Anita Reti v R21December2016[2016] NZSC 169
Escrow Holdings Forty-One Limited v District Court at Auckland20December2016[2016] NZSC 167Media release
Solicitor-Generalʼs Reference (No 1 of 2016) From CRI-2015-485-52, High Court at Christchurch19December2016[2016] NZSC 168
Quake Outcasts v The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and Chief Executive of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority13December2016[2016] NZSC 166
PricewaterhouseCoopers v Walker & Ors13December2016[2016] NZSC 165
Hawkeʼs Bay Regional Investment Company Limited v Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Incorporated 13December2016 [2016] NZSC 164
Alexander Pieter Van Heeren v Michael David Kidd09December2016[2016] NZSC 163
David Obiaga v R08December2016[2016] NZSC 162
Ashor Gorgus v The Queen07December2016[2016] NZSC 161
NR v MR06December2016[2016] NZSC 160
Prattley Enterprises Limited v Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited06December2016[2016] NZSC 158Media release
Lewis Ata Turahui v The Waitangi Tribunal and Ors01December2016[2016] NZSC 157
Friedrich Joachim Fehling v West Coast District Health Board24November2016[2016] NZSC 155
Friedrich Joachim Fehling v Attorney-General24November2016[2016] NZSC 154
Lakes International Golf Management Limited v Vincent21November2016[2016] NZSC 153
Malcolm Edward Rabson and Anor (as Trustees) v Ian Bruce Shephard and Anor21November2016[2016] NZSC 152
Yao Wei He v Zhixiong Chen21November2016[2016] NZSC 151
An Li Tao v Strata Title Administration Limited09November2016[2016] NZSC 150
Scott v Williams09November2016[2016] NZSC 149
Michael Marino v The Chief Executive of The Department of Corrections08November2016[2016] NZSC 148
Shivneel Shahil Kumar v R07November2016[2016] NZSC 147
Narayan Prasad v R03November2016[2016] NZSC 146
Janferie Maeve Almond v Bruce James Read02November2016[2016] NZSC 145
Kaveinga Helotu Lavemai v R02November2016[2016] NZSC 144
Janet Elsie Lowe v Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health02November2016[2016] NZSC 143
Mrinal Sardana v R01November2016[2016] NZSC 142
Leiden Cheyne O'Sullivan v The Queen 27October2016[2016] NZSC 141
Karl Leslie Raymond Marwood v Commissioner of Police26October2016[2016] NZSC 139Media release
Demissie Tefera Asgedom v R25October2016[2016] NZSC 138
TWA v HC18October2016[2016] NZSC 136
Zacharius Rakena v R18October2016 [2016] NZSC 137
Ivan Vladimir Joseph Erceg v Lynette Therese Erceg and Darryl Edward Gregory as Trustees of Acorn Foundation Trust14October2016[2016] NZSC 135
Camille Iriana Thompson v The Attorney-General07October2016[2016] NZSC 134
Morris Burton Suckling v R04October2016[2016] NZSC 133
Jeffrey Francis McClintock v The Attorney-General04October2016[2016] NZSC 132
Brodie Hoani Ngapaki Stewart v R03October2016[2016] NZSC 131
Charles William Williams and Ors v Auckland Council30September2016[2016] NZSC 130
Alistair Stuart Lyon v R29September2016[2016] NZSC 129
Steven Ray Churchis v R28September2016[2016] NZSC 128
Booth v R and Marino v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections22September2016[2016] NZSC 127Media release
Auckland Council and Anor v Weathertight Homes Tribunal16September2016[2016] NZSC 126
Derek Peter Wheeldon and Ors v Body Corporate 34252514September2016[2016] NZSC 125
Wayne James Bracken v The Queen 13September2016[2016] NZSC 124
Lyonel Manurewa Te Pou Taniwha v The Queen08September2016[2016] NZSC 123Media release
Best v R08September2016[2016] NZSC 122Media release
Sara-Jane Skeet v The Queen06September2016[2016] NZSC 120
Vijendra Kumar Naiker v R06September2016[2016] NZSC 118
Peter Anthony Williams v Trevor Nelson Cameron05September2016[2016] NZSC 119
Leiden Cheyne OʼSullivan v R02September2016[2016] NZSC 116
Peter Alan Hutchins v The Queen31August2016[2016] NZSC 117
John Edward Whitehead & Ors and Shiloh Charitable Trust v Watson & Son Ltd and Denis Eric Watson and Meryl Joy Watson (as trustees of Salem Charitable Trust)30August2016[2016] NZSC 115
Shahidan Nisha v R30August2016[2016] NZSC 114
Garry Albert Muir v The Commissioner of Inland Revenue26August2016[2016] NZSC 113
Murray Athol Osmond and Janet Doreen Osmond v David Murray Blanchett and Colin Thomas McCloy as Liquidators of Arai Korp Limited (in liquidation)26August2016[2016] NZSC 112
B (SC 60/2016) v Waitemata District Health Board25August2016 [2016] NZSC 111
John Morgan MacKenzie v The Attorney-General23August2016[2016] NZSC 110
John Grant Cuthers v R22August2016[2016] NZSC 109
ASG v Harlene Hayne, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Otago18August2016[2016] NZSC 108
David Charles Browne v David Ross Petterson as Liquidator of Polyethylene Pipe Systems Limited (in liq)16August2016[2016] NZSC 107
Anthony Pratt Kaye and Morva Kaye v Norris Ward McKinnon15August2016[2016] NZSC 104
H (SC 49/2016) v R15August2016[2016] NZSC 103
Skinner and Rowley v R 10August2016[2016] NZSC 101Media release
John Kenneth Slavich v R09August2016[2016] NZSC 99
Hilary Jane Calvert and Ors v Grant Bruce Reynolds09August2016[2016] NZSC 100
Olivia Waiyee Lee v Whangarei District Council03August2016[2016] NZSC 98
Michael Brian Ogden v R03August2016[2016] NZSC 97
Carter Holt Harvey Limited v Minister of Education29July2016[2016] NZSC 95Media release
Michael John Penman v R28July2016[2016] NZSC 96
Vivien Judith Madsen-Ries and Henry David Levin as Liquidators of Petranz Limited (in liquidation) v Darrell Warren Karaneihana Petera28July2016[2016] NZSC 94
Francis Catalin Deliu v Boon Gunn Hong28July2016[2016] NZSC 93
Dean John Drever v R27July2016[2016] NZSC 92
Trustpower Limited v Commissioner of Inland Revenue27July2016[2016] NZSC 91Media release
Garry Albert Muir v The Commissioner Of Inland Revenue 20July2016[2016] NZSC 90
Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited v Development Auckland Limited (Formerly Auckland Waterfront Development Agency Limited)20July2016[2016] NZSC 89 Media release
Crocodile International Pte Limited v Lacoste19July2016[2016] NZSC 88
John Alfred Robinson v R13July2016[2016] NZSC 86
Whetu Sonny James Waiwai v R13July2016[2016] NZSC 85
New Zealand Air Line Pilotsʼ Association Incorporated v Air New Zealand Limited13July2016[2016] NZSC 84
Justin Ames Johnston v R06July2016[2016] NZSC 83Media release
Augustine Lau v UMH Group Limited05July2016[2016] NZSC 82
Yong Xin Chen v The Cornwall Park Trust Board Inc04July2016[2016] NZSC 81
Morris Burton Suckling v R04July2016[2016] NZSC 80
Malcolm Raymond Clarke v R04July2016[2016] NZSC 79
AN (SC 56/2016) v Counties Manukau District Health Board 01July2016[2016] NZSC 78
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Wayne Seymour Chapman 24June2016[2016] NZSC 77
T (SC 52/2016) v R21June2016[2016] NZSC 76
Vincent Ross Siemer v The Attorney-General 21June2016[2016] NZSC 75
AN (SC 56/2016) v Counties Manukau District Health Board20June2016[2016] NZSC 74
Martin James Mailley v District Court at North Shore20June2016[2016] NZSC 73
M(SC 31/2016) v R20June2016[2016] NZSC 72
T(SC 140/2015) v R20June2016[2016] NZSC 71
Prattley Enterprises Ltd v Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited20June2016[2016] NZSC 70
Ivan Vladimir Joseph Erceg v Lynette Therese Erceg and Darryl Edward Gregory as Trustees of Acorn Foundation Trust17June2016[2016] NZSC 69
Auckland Council v Wendco (NZ) Limited16June2016[2016] NZSC 67
Anthony Pratt Kaye and Morva Kaye v Norris Ward McKinnon15June2016[2016] NZSC 66
Derek Nicholas BLACKWELL and Charles Basil BLACKWELL as Executors and Trustees of the estate of Ross Winston BLACKWELL v Edmonds Judd15June2016[2016] NZSC 65
Jesse Waiariki Temanava Butler v North Shore Police13June2016[2016] NZSC 63
Cecilia Victoria Uhrle v R13June2016 [2016] NZSC 64
Mita Michael Ririnui v Landcorp Farming Limited09June2016[2016] NZSC 62Media release
John Gilbert and QSM Trustees Limited (in receivership and in liquidation) v Body Corporate 16279102June2016[2016] NZSC 61Media release
John Morgan MacKenzie v The Attorney-General01June2016[2016] NZSC 60
Isaac Paparoa v R30May2016[2016] NZSC 59
Hamish McIntosh v John Howard Ross Fisk and David John Bridgman26May2016[2016] NZSC 58
Anthony Paul Mount v R19May2016[2016] NZSC 56
Amanda Adele White v Christopher Maurice Lynch17May2016[2016] NZSC 55
Robert Erwood v The Official Assignee16May2016[2016] NZSC 54
Sportzone Motorcycles Limited (in liquidation) and Motor Trade Finances Limited v Commerce Commission12May2016[2016] NZSC 53 Media release
Michael Marino v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections06May2016[2016] NZSC 52
Richard James Cameron Morton v R 05May2016[2016] NZSC 51
Simon John Moffatt Hampton v Canterbury Regional Council03May2016[2016] NZSC 50
Galvanising (HB) Limited and Ors v John Howard Ross FISK and Anor03May2016[2016] NZSC 49
Mangawhai Ratepayers' and Residents' Association Incorporated v Kaipara District Council03May2016[2016] NZSC 48
Wilson v The Queen02May2016[2016] NZSC 47
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Wayne Seymour Chapman29April2016[2016] NZSC 45
Graham William D'Arcy-Smith v Natural Habitats Limited28April2016[2016] NZSC 46
New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd v Andrew Weller & Others27April2016[2016] NZSC 44
Booth v R27April2016[2016] NZSC 43
Douglas John Williamson v The Queen26April2016[2016] NZSC 42
William Yan and another v Commissioner of Police26April2016[2016] NZSC 41
Derek Nicholas Blackwell and Charles Basil Blackwell as executors and trustees of the estate of Ross Winston Blackwell v Edmonds Judd22April2016[2016] NZSC 40Media release
Kulbir Singh and Navjot Kaur v The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment19April2016[2016] NZSC 39
Robert Craig Winterburn v R15April2016[2016] NZSC 38
Richard John Creser v Janine Michelle Creser and Marion Creser (as trustees and executors of the estate of Jesse Joy Creser)13April2016[2016] NZSC 37
Karl Leslie Raymond Marwood v The Commissioner of Police11April2016[2016] NZSC 36
Peter Gerard Stockman v New Zealand Association of Counsellors Incorporated07April2016[2016] NZSC 35
Richard John Creser v Janine Michelle Creser and Marion Ngaire Creser (as trustees and executors of the estate of Jesse Joy Creser)06April2016[2016] NZSC 34
Jeremy James McGuire v Wellington Standards Committee (No 1 ) and another06April2016[2016] NZSC 33
JCS Cost Management Limited v QBE Insurance (International) Limited04April2016 [2016] NZSC 32
A (SC 106/2015) v R23March2016[2016] NZSC 31
Clayton v Clayton23March2016[2016] NZSC 30Media release
Clayton v Clayton23March2016[2016] NZSC 29Media release
Richard John Creser v Janine Creser22March2016[2016] NZSC 28
K v The Queen15March2016[2016] NZSC 26
John Kenneth SLAVICH v The Queen15March2016[2016] NZSC 25
Mark Stephen Hotchin v The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited15March2016[2016] NZSC 24Media release
Bruce Brendon VAN ESSEN and Anor v Attorney-General And Ors15March2016[2016] NZSC 23
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Transparency International New Zealand15March2016[2016] NZSC 22
Charles William Williams and Ors v Auckland Council11March2016[2016] NZSC 20
Deuce Derrick Junior Evo Savage v R01March2016[2016] NZSC 19
Peter Gerard Stockman v New Zealand Association of Counsellors Incorporated29February2016[2016] NZSC 18
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Wayne Seymour Chapman25February2016[2016] NZSC 17
R v The Queen24February2016[2016] NZSC 16
Dean Michael Vincent v The Queen23February2016[2016] NZSC 15
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Wayne Seymour Chapman23February2016[2016] NZSC 14
Christopher Roger King v R18February2016[2016] NZSC 13
Thomas Frederick Mazlin King and Judith Ruth King v PFL Finance Limited17February2016[2016] NZSC 12
Yoon Lee v District Court at Auckland17February2016[2016] NZSC 11
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Transparency International New Zealand16February2016[2016] NZSC 9
R (SC 119/2015) v R16February2016[2016] NZSC 10
Nicholas Reekie v Attorney- General15February2016[2016] NZSC 8
Barrie James Skinner and David Ingram Rowley v The Queen15February2016[2016] NZSC 7
Jeremy James McGuire v Wellington Standards Committee15February2016[2016] NZSC 6
Slavich v R10February2016[2016] NZSC 5
Alan Ivo Greer v Ray Smith10February2016[2016] NZSC 4
Richard John Creser v Janine Creser and others10February2016[2016] NZSC 3
Gary Owen Burgess v TSB Bank Limited 03February2016[2016] NZSC 2
Jamie Dion Edward Gurran v The Queen 01February2016[2016] NZSC 1