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Current Projects

The Rules Committee continuously reviews the rules in light of national and overseas developments. It monitors Australian and United Kingdom reports and reforms to identify areas where New Zealand could adopt or adapt ideas.

The review process is a perpetual one. The following information is intended to provide an update of the current projects occupying the Rules Committee, although the list is not exhaustive. The Committee welcomes comments and inquiries from the profession and the public about existing projects or other concerns relating to procedural rules which it is thought should be brought to the Committee’s attention.

Representative proceedings

The Committee has been working to develop rules to clarify and formalise the procedure for commencing and defending a representative proceeding. A draft proposal was published for the purpose of consultation, and the Committee is now considering the feedback it has received to that proposal. A copy of the Committee's consultation paper can be found here.

Time allocations

The Committee is developing changes to the time allocations for the recovery of costs associated with preparing for a trial in the High Court. The current fixed banded allocations are perceived to be inadequate in respect of both witness hearings and affidavit hearings. The Committee is developing allocations that will better reflect the efforts involved in preparing for trial.

Civil practice notes

The Committe is in the final stages of its review of the civil practice notes. As part of that review the Committee has assessing whether the practice notes remain relevant and, if so, whether they should be incorporated into the High Court Rules 2016.

Feedback and Suggestions

The Committee welcomes feedback on any of these or other issues relating to rules relating to the practice and procedure of the Courts. Please direct any comments to the Clerk