R v Grant [] [2020] NZHC 98

07 February 2020


R v Grant — PDF document (205 KB)


Sentencing - offender had pleaded guilty to three charges of dishonestly using a document to obtain a pecuniary advantage and one charge of obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception - the offender did not act for her own gain but to assist charitable entities to obtain funds from educational providers through fraudulent representations that educational courses had been provided by those entities when they had not - in total the charitable entities had obtained $1,3 million in his way- starting point four years imprisonment- reduction of 12 months (25 per cent) to reflect hitherto blameless character at the age of 61 years - further reduction of three months (five per cent) to reflect genuine remorse and nine months (25 per cent) to reflect guilty pleas entered six months before trial - end sentence of two years imprisonment converted to 12 months home detention.
Filed under: High Court