Lawyers' use of electronic devices in court - guidelines

26 May 2021

1. Counsel may use electronic devices in court provided:

(a) counsel remain aware of their professional obligations as officers of the court and to their client, to ensure using the device does not undermine the dignity of the court, disrupt the proceedings or prevent the discharge of their duties to their client;

(b) counsel consider the context of use: what may be acceptable use in a list court may not be acceptable when conducting a jury trial or defended hearing; and

(c) use of electronic devices for film, photographs or sound recording is not permitted.

2. “Electronic devices” include electronic devices of any kind, including laptops, cellphones, smartphones and PDAs of any kind.

3. These guidelines are subject to any contrary direction from the judicial officer presiding. If in doubt as to permitted use, consult the Registrar in the first instance.