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Protocols: Participation in Remote Hearings and Remote Viewing of Hearings in Senior Courts

Protocol for Participation in Remote Hearings - effective from 31 August 2021

Protocol for Remote Viewing of Hearings - effective from 31 August 2021

Civil electronic document protocol for Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court

The Senior Courts Civil Electronic Document Protocol 2019 revokes and replaces the Senior Courts Civil Electronic Document Protocol revised as at 22 May 2017. The 2019 Protocol comes into effect for casebooks created after 1 March 2019.  It  changes the requirements for creating an electronic case book to make casebooks simpler to construct and use.  Practitioners should note the altered architecture, new numbering convention, and the use of a single folder.  A clarification to clause 1.6 was made on 15 May 2019:

The Supreme Court released a new Practice Note (for civil matters) and Protocol (for criminal matters) on 23 October 2020. Changes come into effect on 1 November 2020.

The Court of Appeal released the Electronic Document Practice Note 2019, effective on 30 September 2019.

The High Court has a practice note for the use of electronic common bundles and electronic casebooks in the High Court.  It can be found in the Practice Notes for the High Court.

COVID-19 Protocols all courts

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