Coroners Court: Current COVID-19 Protocol

Chief Coroner Deborah Marshall
10 June 2020

1.  At Alert Level 1 the Coroners Court will carry out all its usual work.

2.  The use of remote participation will remain available on application in appropriate cases and for some procedural hearings if the coroner considers it appropriate.

3.  Accredited news media will continue to have entry to the court to report court proceedings, and to ensure continued open and transparent justice.


4.  If counsel, or any other participant requiring or proposing to attend hearings are unwell they should not attend Court.  If this applies, the coroner should be advised so that alternative arrangements for the appearance can be made.

5.  The Ministry of Justice will provide the hygiene measures described on their website.  Any concerns about health and safety practices in the Court should be raised with the Court Manager in the first instance.


6.  If participants do not know which coroner is assigned to the case, they can contact their local Coronial Services Unit.