Waitangi Tribunal: COVID-19 Past Alert Level 3 Protocol

Chairperson Judge Wilson Isaac
23 April 2020

1.  This protocol will take effect when New Zealand moves to Level 3 of the COVID-19 Alert System.  It should be read in conjunction with the Government’s COVID-19 Alert System Level 3 restrictions

2.  At Level 3, all filing will the Waitangi Tribunal must be made either electronically or by post.  Documents will not be able to be received for filing in person.

3.  All in-person hearings scheduled by the Tribunal will remain adjourned while we are at Level 3.

4.  Judicial conferences and panel meetings will be able to be held, where they can take place either by telephone conference, audio-visual link (AVL) or another form of video conferencing.  Presiding Officers may explore with parties and with the Tribunal administration the possibility of scheduling hearings remotely via these methods, where that is practically possible.

5.  Waitangi Tribunal Presiding Officers, members and staff will, where possible, work from home during Level 3.  Where it is necessary for staff to travel to the Tribunal to attend to certain registrarial functions, such as updating the record of inquiry, they will do so.  It is expected that most Tribunal work will, however, be able to be undertaken remotely.