Māori Land Court: COVID-19 Past Alert Level 4 Protocol


6 April 2020: Update
25 March 2020: Protocol during Past Alert Level 4



Chief Judge Wilson Isaac
6 April 2020

Acting in terms of the Māori Land Court COVID-19 protocols published on 25 March 2020, the Māori Land Court has adjourned all scheduled hearings while the country is at Alert Level 4, and all urgent applications, such as applications for urgent injunctions, are to be filed electronically with the Chief Registrar and sent to the Chief Judge for determination.  Since 25 March the Court has received one application seeking an urgent determination, and it is currently before the Chief Judge.

All Māori Land Court judges are working remotely, and continue to complete interlocutories with respect to applications before them.  Judges are also completing reserved decisions on matters that have been heard by them prior to Level 4 commencing.


Protocol during Past Alert Level 4

Chief Judge Wilson Isaac
25 March 2020

1.  This protocol has been set in light of the announcement made by the Prime Minister that as at 11:59 pm on 25 March 2020, New Zealand will move to Level 4 of the COVID-19 Alert System.

2.  At Level 4 of the Alert System, people are instructed to stay at home and travel is strictly limited.

3.  As a result of this announcement all currently scheduled Māori Land Court hearings and other events are adjourned while the country is at Level 4.  All hearings and other events will be rescheduled once we have ceased to be at Level 4.

4.  If there is any application for urgent injunctive or other relief filed with the Court during this period, it is to be directed to me to address.

5.  In terms of any filing with the Māori Land Court during this period, the following rules shall apply:

  • During the continuation of the Level 4 alert all filing of court documents is to be electronic.  If a party does not have the ability to file electronically, mail will still be periodically checked.  Because of hygiene requirements there will however be a delay in processing documents received by mail.
  • No documents will be received for filing in person at court registries.
  • For documents filed during the continuation of the Level 4 alert (whether electronically or by mail), pursuant to the provisions of s 24 of the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006, the payment of filing fees is hereby waived.
  • All electronic filing is to be to the following address: mlcnationaloffice@justice.govt.nz
  • All filing by mail to this address:

Māori Land Court

 or to:        

Māori Land Court
Level 7
141 The Terrace
Wellington, 6011 

  • If any party wishes to contact the Court regarding an urgent matter, that is also the address to use.