Employment Court: Current COVID-19 Protocol


COVID-19 Protocol issued 6 October 2020

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Protocols during past alert levels 


COVID-19 Protocol

Chief Judge Christina Inglis
6 October 2020

This protocol replaces the protocol issued on 31 August 2020 and takes effect from midnight on Wednesday 7 October 2020. 

Under Alert Level 1

Under Alert Level 1 the Employment Court will, in general, return to normal operations.

1.  The use of remote participation will remain available for use on application in appropriate cases.

2.  The general rules of the Court, including the High Court Rules as appropriate, will generally resume in full force and effect (including in relation to methods of service, swearing of affidavits, and participation in hearings and trials).

3.  The ability to file documents electronically, and to pay filing fees by remote means, will continue to apply.

4.  If counsel, or other persons required or proposing to attend a hearing (for example, a party or a witness) are unwell, they should not attend Court. If this applies, the presiding Judge should be advised so that alternative arrangements for the appearance can be made.

5.  The wearing of face masks is encouraged in Court.

6.  Posters displaying the NZ COVID QR Tracer code remain in place at the entranceway to the Court. Use of the QR code or keeping a personal record is strongly encouraged.

 7. The Ministry of Justice will provide the hygiene measures described on their website.

 8. Any concerns about health and safety practices in the Court should be raised with the Registrar in the first instance.


Contact details


Registrar:  Mima Bobot
Phone: 09 916 6359
Email: mima.bobot@justice.govt.nz
Emergency phone: 027 295 6673
Electronic filing to be sent to: mima.bobot@justice.govt.nz
Postal: Employment Court, DX CX 10086, Auckland

Wellington and Christchurch

Registrar:  Joseph Buckton
Phone: 04 918 8313
Email: joseph.buckton@justice.govt.nz
Emergency phone: 021 946 790
Electronic filing to be sent to: joseph.buckton@justice.govt.nz
Postal: Employment Court, DX SX 10009, Wellington

Protocols during past alert levels

The information on this page reflects the current COVID-19 alert levels.  For Employment Court protocols during past alert levels, please refer to:

Protocol during Alert Level 2 (Auckland) and Alert Level 1 (Rest of New Zealand) issued 21 September
Protocol during Alert Level 2 (effective from 31 August 2020 - 23 September 2020)
Protocol during Alert Level 3 (August 2020, Auckland region)
Protocol during Alert Level 1
Protocol during Alert Level 2 (May-June 2020)
Protocol during Alert Level 3 (April-May 2020)
Protocol during Alert Level 4