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In 2011 the High Court made a commitment that earthquake-related cases would be dealt with as swiftly as the Court's resources permit.  In fulfilment of that commitment the Court established the Earthquake List to manage earthquake-related litigation.

The Earthquake List is overseen by the Hon Justice Osborne and Associate Judge Lester who are supported by Judicial Support Advisor Sarah Cohen.

Earthquake List cases receive fast track case management through to trial and priority is given to cases which are urgent or which raise issues with precedential value.

Upon filing, earthquake-related cases (including judicial review and summary judgment applications) are referred to the Judicial Support Advisor for classification and whether they should be entered on the Earthquake List.

A table of all cases entered on the Earthquake list and their status is updated on a quarterly basis.  If you have any queries, please contact the Judicial Support Advisor Sarah Cohen.


Purpose of the High Court Earthquake list

The list was established in the High Court to manage litigation resulting from the Canterbury earthquakes


Latest Earthquake litigation list

Electronic Courts - Practice notes

Due to the nature and size of documents involved in any earthquake cases that go to trial, earthquake proceedings are ideal to be run as electronic courts.  This means the common bundle and case book filed is in electronic, instead of hardcopy paper, format.  If you would like to request an electronic court please seek a direction from the Judge when you first request a trial be allocated.

Information and the requirements of an electronic Court

Memo & Protocols - Experts

June 2018

From the Chief High Court Judge

2019 Practice Note: Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal, Arrangements for transfer of proceedings (PDF, 267 KB)

The High Court is pleased to release reports on the operation of the Christchurch Earthquake list:

New Zealand Law Society

The New Zealand Law Society High Court Earthquake page is useful for lawyers as well as self-represented litigants and contains an up-to-date list of all published Earthquake Judgments and a case summary of each case.  The full judgments can be obtained from Judicial Decisions Online.


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