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Supreme Court Decisions 2008

CaseDate of JudgmentReferenceMedia release
Glenharrow Holdings Ltd v Commissioner of Inland Revenue 19 December 2008NZSC 116 SC 59/2007Media release
Ben Nevis and ors v CIR / Accent Management Ltd and ors v CIR 19 December 2008NZSC 115 SC 43/2007 SC 44/2007 Media release
Rebecca Katszi Li v The Queen 19 December 2008NZSC 114 SC 80/2007Media release
Alisdair Bruce Aylwin v New Zealand Police 19 December 2008NZSC 113 SC 33/2008Media release
Greenpeace New Zealand Inc v Genesis Power Ltd 19 December 2008NZSC 112 SC 94/2007 Media release
Alistair Maurk Stuart Lyon v The Queen 17 December 2008NZSC 111
Geoffrey Martin Smith v The Queen 12 December 2008[2008] NZSC 110
Vector Gas Limited v Bay of Plenty Energy Limited 11 December 2008NZSC 109 SDC 65/2008
M v The Queen 10 December 2008NZSC 108 SC 71/2008
James Hemi Biddle v The Queen 05 December 2008SC 82/2008
Joseph Russell Rewiri v The Queen 05 December 2008SC 78/2008
Kevin Francis James Casey v The Queen 05 December 2008SC 66/2008
Elders New Zealand Limited v PGG Wrightson Ltd 05 December 2008NZSC 104Media release
Xiao Qiong Huang and others v The Minister of Immigration 04 December 2008SC 74/2008
P and B v Crown Health Financing Agency 01 December 2008NZSC 102 SC 72/2008
APN New Zealand Limited v Simunovich Fisheries Limited and others. Television New Zealand Limited v Simunovich Fisheries Limited and others 01 December 2008 [2008] NZSC 101
Raeanne Ley and anor v The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development and ors 24 November 2008NZSC 99 SC 77/2008
Vincent Ross Siemer v Ferrier Hodgson and Michael Peter Stiassny 20 November 2008NZSC 98 SC 62/2008
Julian Paul Burke and Gillian Elizabeth Burke v ASL Mortgages Limited 17 November 2008SC 68/2008
Christopher Mosley v The Queen 17 November 2008NZSC 97 SC 58
Slawomir Ryszard Bujak v Solicitor-General 11 November 2008NZSC 95 SC 64/2008
Saxmere Company Limited and others v Wool Board Disestablishment Company Limited 07 November 2008NZSC 94 SC 64/2007
Nikala Janice Taylor v Christopher Dean Jones 05 November 2008NZSC 93 SC 88/2006
Willie Ye and others v Minister of Immigration. Alan Qiu and another v Minister of Immigration 04 November 2008[2008] NZSC 92
Shane Edward Williams v The Queen 03 November 2008NZSC 91 SC 61/2008
Kay Skelton v The Queen 30 October 2008NZSC 90 SC 75/2008
Roderick William Nielsen v Dysart Timbers Limited 28 October 2008NZSC 89 SC 54/2008
Michael Spackman v The Queenstown Lakes District Council and others. 24 October 2008NZSC 88 SC48/2008
Regal Castings Limited v GM and GN Lightbody, and AC Horrocks, GM Lightbody and GN Lightbody. 23 October 2008NZSC 97 SC 72/2007Media release
Tiny Intelligence Limited v Resport Limited 21 October 2008NZSC 85 SC 55/2008
Stephen William Garrett v The Queen 20 October 2008NZSC 84 SC 57/2008
Shane Huia Matenga v The Queen 20 October 2008NZSC 83 SC 50/2008
Tareq Abdel Rahim Zaiton v The Queen 20 October 2008NZSC 82 SC 43/2008
R v The Queen 20 October 2008NZSC 81 SC 52/2008
Vincent Ross Siemer v Solicitor-General 20 October 2008NZSC 80 SC 63/2008
Duane Charles Brendan Paul Burgess v The Queen 14 October 2008 NZSC 79 SC 46/2008
Matthew Richard Brown v The Queen 10 October 2008NZSC 78 SC 41/2008
R v The Queen 08 October 2008NZSC 77 SC45/2008
David McAlister v Air New Zealand 07 October 2008NZSC 76 SC49/2008
Thornton Estates Limited v Cavell Leitch Pringle and Boyle 06 October 2008NZSC 75 SC44/2008
New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council Inc and anothers v Sanford Limited and others 02 October 2008NZSC 74 SC40/2008
Commerce Commission v Infratil Limited 19 September 2008NZSC 73 SC37/2008
Vincent Ross Siemer v Ferrier Hodgson and Michael Peter Stiassny 17 September 2008NZSC 72
Alfred Taenga Mata v The Queen 15 September 2008NZSC 71 SC60/2008
Bay of Plenty Electricity v Vector Gas Limited 01 September 2008CA444/07 [2008] NZCA 338Media release
Wayne Thomas Patterson v The Queen 28 August 2008NZSC 70 SC38/2008
Jonathan Nuki Lummis Jarden v The Queen 28 August 2008NZSC 69 SC 14/2008Media release
G v Rosemary Cox and Another 27 August 2008NZSC 68 SC35/2008
Vai Feterika v The Queen 27 August 2008NZSC 67 SC31/2008
Jamie Rinaki Kissling v The Queen 21 August 2008NZSC 66 SC42/2008
Campbell Robert Thom v Davys Burton 18 August 2008NZSC 65Media release
EGW and PW v The Attorney-General SC 15 August 2008NZSC 64 SC36/2008
Ester Slee v Michael Ian Slee 14 August 2008NZSC 63 SC25/2008
Allen Louis Harriman vs The Queen 07 August 2008NZSC 62 SC28/2008
Georgina Kain and others v Jonathon Rhodes Hutton and others 07 August 2008NZSC 61 SC40/2007 Media release
Paul Joseph Cameron v The Queen 01 August 2008NZSC 60
Albany Tuhuru Tainui v The Queen 31 July 2008NZSC 59 SC 29/2008
Alisdair Bruce Aylwin v The Queen 29 July 2008NZSC 58 SC 33/2008
Mark Moncrieff Stevens and others v Premium Real Estate Limited 29 July 2008NZSC 57 SC 23/2008
Deborah Gordon-Smith and Shaun Antony King v The Queen 25 July 2008NZSC 56 SC 32/2008 and SC 18/2008
Z v Dental Complaints Assessment Commitee 25 July 2008NZSC 55 SC 22/2007 Media release
New Zealand Exchange Limited v Bank of New Zealand and others 23 July 2008NZSC 54 SC 13/2008
Kevin Anthony Lenghan v The Queen 21 July 2008NZSC 53
M v The Queen 17 July 2008NZSC 52
Big River Paradise Limited v Robin Lance Congreve and others 15 July 2008 NZSC 51
Huang v The Manager Custodial Services 10 July 2008NZSC 50 SC 39/2008
Ngai Tahu Property Limited v Central Plains Water Trust and Canterbury Regional Council 24 June 2008NZSC 49 SC 15/2008
Attorney General v X and Refugee Status Appeals Authority 20 June 2008NZSC 48 SC 69/2007Media release
Gustav & Co Limited v Macfield Limited 20 June 2008NZSC 47 SC 39/2007Media release
Lisa Kathleen Cropp v A Judicial Committee and Bryan Francis McKenzie 17 June 2008NZSC 46 SC 68/2007Media release
Susan Couch v The Attorney General 13 June 2008NZSC 45 SC 49/2006Media release
Ahman Zanzoul v The Queen 10 June 2008NZSC 44 SC 17/2008
Arthur William Taylor v The Queen 26 May 2008NZSC 43 SC 19/2008
Alan Ivo Greer v The Queen 22 May 2008NZSC 42 SC 89/2007
G v The Queen 22 May 2008NZSC 41 SC 90/2007
Timothy Justin Nevin v The Queen 20 May 2008NZSC 40 SC 12/2008
Jason John Cumming v The Queen 15 May 2008NZSC 39 SC 72/2005Media release
Ahman Zanzoul v The Queen 09 May 2008NZSC 38 SC 17/2008
Jonathan Nuki Lummis Jarden v The Queen 09 May 2008NZSC 37 SC 14/2008
Alan Ivo Greer v The Queen 09 May 2008NZSC 36 SC 20/2008
Media 1 Limited v N W Shanks and others 07 May 2008NZSC 35 SC 16/2008
NZ Maori Council and ors v Attorney - General 06 May 2008NZSC 34 SC 49/2007 SC 50/2007
Neville James Gibson v Minter Ellison Rudd Watts 01 May 2008NZSC 33 SC 8/2008
Robert Charles De Bruin and Astrid Eleanor Delaney v The Queen 01 May 2008NZSC 32 SC 9/2008 SC 10/2008
Mark Raymond Creedy v Commissioner of Police 23 April 2008NZSC 31 SC 57/2007Media release
Elders New Zealand Limited v PGG Wrightson Limited 18 April 2008NZSC 30 SC 7/2008
Alex Kwong Wong v The Queen 18 April 2008NZSC 29 SC53/2007
Southborne Investments Limited v Greenmount Manufacturing Limited 17 April 2008NZSC 28 SC 96/2006
W v The Queen 15 April 2008NZSC 27 SC 78/2007
Shell (Petroleum Mining) Company Ltd & Ors v Todd Petroleum Mining Company Limited and others 15 April 2008NZSC 26 SC 6/2008
Colin Todd Parker v The Queen 15 April 2008NZSC 25 SC 92/2007
Westpac Banking Corporation v Commissioner of Inland Revenue 14 April 2008NZSC 24 SC 66/2007 SC 67/2007 Media release
A v The Queen 09 April 2008NZSC 23 SC 4/2008
John Beven-Smith v Raupo Publishing (NZ) Limited 09 April 2008NZSC 22 SC 2/2008
Ross Francis Hookway v The Queen 09 April 2008NZSC 21 SC 1/2008
Dollars & Sense Finance Limited v Rerekohu Nathan 08 April 2008NZSC 20Media release
Matini Vaihu v The Attorney-General 07 April 2008NZSC 19
Philip Jospeh Fava v Ekhlas Zaghloul and others 02 April 2008NZSC 18
G C Dury and others v Palmerston North City Council and others 01 April 2008NZSC 17
Rebecca Katszi Li v The Queen 18 March 2008NZSC 16
James Arthur Rose v Karen Diane Rose 18 March 2008NZSC 15
Lionel Andrew West v The Official Assignee 11 March 2008NZSC 14
Jule Patrick Burns v The Queen 05 March 2008NZSC 13
Terrence Austin McFarland v The Queen 05 March 2008NZSC 12
Carey Dean Turner v The Queen 05 March 2008NZSC 11
Vincent Siemer v Kate Fardell Executrix for Robert Fardell, deceased 28 February 2008NZSC 9
Wayne Darren McGregor v The Queen 28 February 2008NZSC 10
Stephen Peter Tandy v The Queen 22 February 2008NZSC8
Kevin Joseph Charles Little v The Queen 22 February 2008NZSC7
Ben Nevis Forestry Ventures Ltd and ord v Commissioner of Inland Revenue 19 February 2008NZSC6
Alex Kwong Wong v The Queen 15 February 2008NZSC 5
Peter Miles Davies v New Zealand Police 15 February 2008NZSC 4
Nicola Bronwyn Hayes v the Queen 15 February 2008NZSC 3Media release
Greenpeace New Zealand Incorporated v Genesis Power Limited 11 February 2008NZSC 2
Bronwyn Estate Limited and ors v Gareth Russel Hoole and ors 08 February 2008NZSC 1