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High Court Judgments of Public Interest


This page provides access to judgments of the High Court in the last 90 days deemed to be of particular public interest.

More information about finding court judgments is available on the judgments section of this website.

 It is the responsibility of users of the information contained in these decisions to ensure compliance with conditions or other legal obligations governing access, release, storage and re-publication. See also the guide on statutory provisions that prohibit publication of certain information in certain circumstances. If in doubt you should consult the court that issued the decision(s).  Judicial Decisions are presented in PDF format to preserve the integrity of the documents.

Guide on statutory provisions prohibiting publication


High Court decision Eight Mile Style v New Zealand National Party [2017] NZHC 2603 25 October 2017 : Courts of New Zealand is hosting this decision and associated press summary on a static page. It will be uploaded in the table below within a few days.

NameDate of JudgmentReferenceMedia release
R v Solomon and George08December2017[2017] NZHC 3057
R v Orchard06December2017[2017] NZHC 3015
Re Tipene 04December2017[2017] NZHC 2990
R v Ali01December2017[2017] NZHC 2973
R v Frank01December2017 [2017] NZHC 2965
Genge v The Visiting Justice, Christchurch Men’s Prison29November2017 [2017] NZHC 2936
Real Estate Agents Authority v A28November2017[2017] NZHC 2929
R v Holes23November2017[2017] NZHC 2898
Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association Inc v Brett20November2017[2017] NZHC 2846
Linklater v Dickison16November2017[2017] NZHC 2813
R v Katipa16November2017[2017] NZHC 2811
Official Assignee v MWA Consultants Ltd & Ors15November2017[2017] NZHC 2801
Thomson v The Minister For Climate Change Issues02November2017[2017] NZHC 733
Commerce Commission v Lodge Real Estate Ltd & Ors02November2017[2017] NZHC 1497
S v Attorney-General30October2017[2017] NZHC 2629Media release
R v Naua Tuilotolava26October2017[2017] NZHC 2621
Taylor v Witness C25October2017[2017] NZHC 2610
Kerr v New Zealand Police24October2017[2017] NZHC 2595
R v Frank24October2017[2017] NZHC 2587
Lee v Police13October2017[2017] NZHC 2507
R v Cooper12October2017[2017] NZHC 2498
Sydney St Substation Ltd v Wellington City Council11October2017[2017] NZHC 2489
Brittin v NZ Police02October2017[2017] NZHC 2410
R v Pateman02October2017[2017] NZHC 2401
Sellman & Ors v Slater & Ors02October2017 [2017] NZHC 2392
R v Browne29September2017[2017] NZHC 2389
Department of Internal Affairs v Ping An Finance (Group) New Zealand Company Limited28September2017[2017] NZHC 2363Media release
Laxon v Police25September2017[2017] NZHC 2324
R v Dixon20September2017[2017] NZHC 2279
R v Liev and Ors18September2017[2017] NZHC 2253