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As at 2 September 2020

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September 2020

8 September 2020 

Case number SC 14/2020

Case name



A J Douglass and A S Butler


Chief of New Zealand Defence Force
J C Catran and J P A Boyle

Human Rights Commission as Intervener
J S Hancock


Civil Appeal

Judges Winkelmann CJ, Glazebrook, O'Regan, Ellen France and Arnold JJ

Ground on which
leave was granted                  





The approved ground is: (i) Does the test in O’Connor v Hart [1985] 1 NZLR 159 (PC) (that a contract is not voidable for mental incapacity unless the other contracting party has actual or constructive knowledge of the incapacity, or equitable fraud is established) apply in the employment jurisdiction (in particular, to a settlement agreement that has been certified under s 149 of the Employment Relations Act 2000)? (ii) If not, what is the relevant test and should the settlement agreement have been set aside in this case on the grounds of mental incapacity?

Supreme Court leave judgment

Court of Appeal judgment


10 September 2020 

Case number               
SC 5/2020

Case name



Leslie Norman Austin
G J Thwaite


Roche Products (New Zealand) Limited
J A MacGillivray

Accident Compensation Corporation
H B Rennie QC


Civil Appeal

Judges William Young, Glazebrook, O’Regan, Ellen France, Williams JJ

Grounds on which
leave was granted             


The approved question is whether the applicant’s claim for compensatory damages should have been struck out on the basis that his injuries were not an ordinary consequence of the consumption of Roaccutane.

Supreme Court leave decision

Court of Appeal decision

High Court decision


 15 September 2020

Case number SC 38/2020
Case name                       Commissioner of Inland Revenue v The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Trust Board and Paul Ross Coward
Judges        O'Regan, Ellen France and Williams JJ


October 2020


6 October 2020

Case number                  
SC 19/2020
Case name Peniamina Ieremia v The Queen
Judges Winkelmann CJ, Glazebrook, O’Regan, Ellen France and Williams JJ


8 and 9 October 2020

Case number SC 29/2020 
Case name                       Bathurst Resources Limited & Buller Coal Limited v L&M Coal Holdings Limited
Judges        Winkelmann CJ, William Young, Glazebrook, O’Regan and Ellen France JJ



 17 - 19 November 2020

Case number SC 28/2020 
Case name                       Trans-Tasman Resources Limited v The Taranaki-Whanganui Conservation Board and Ors
Judges        tbc



 2 December 2020

Case number SC 118/2019
Case name                       Lambie Trustee Limited v Prudence Anne Addleman
Judges        William Young, Glazebrook, O'Regan, Ellen France and Williams JJ