Communicating with judges

If you are a party to a proceeding, you should only communicate with the judge formally and openly through the court process. That means either through a submission in open court or by communication to the registrar and the other parties to the case.

It is at the discretion of the judge whether it is appropriate to respond to any communication. In some cases you may receive a response from the registry or the Head of Bench.

If you are a member of the media, it is suggested that you contact the registry of the court in which the particular case of interest is held. In addition, you should refer to the media section of the website , which sets out additional media contact points.

If you are the victim of an offence you are entitled to address the court under the Victims Rights Act 2002 . If you are an offender awaiting sentencing, you can address the court under the Sentencing Act 2002 . In such cases, the statutory right to communicate with the judge is dealt with under the court process.

Judges are normally referred to directly in court as 'Your Honour'.



The Media Section of this website

Victims Rights Act 2002

Sentencing Act 2002