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Supreme Court Decisions 2017

NameDate of JudgmentReferenceMedia release
Southland Indoor Leisure Centre Charitable Trust v Invercargill City Council14December2017[2017] NZSC 190Media release
Te Tangata Whenua (Warren) v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections13December2017[2017] NZSC 189
David Stanley Tranter v R12December2017[2017] NZSC 187
De Vries v Bartercard Exchange Limited11December2017[2017] NZSC 186
Scott v Williams11December2017[2017] NZSC 185Media release
Da Jiang Fan v R06December2017[2017] NZSC 184
Hinemanu Ngaronoa, Sandra Wilde, and Arthur William Taylor v Attorney-General06December2017[2017] NZSC 183
Rafiq v Attorney-General04December2017[2017] NZSC 182
Te Tomo v The Queen28November2017[2017] NZSC 180
C (SC 101/2017) v The Queen27November2017[2017] NZSC 179
Studorp Limited And Anor v Tracey Jane Cridge And Ors27November2017[2017] NZSC 178
Burgess v Malley & Co27November2017[2017] NZSC 177
Chesterfields Preschools Limited (In Liquidation) and Anor v The Commissioner of Inland Revenue23November2017[2017] NZSC 176
Anna Elizabeth Osborne and Sonya Lynne Rockhouse v Worksafe New Zealand23November2017[2017] NZSC 175Media release
Herron v Wallace and Anor22November2017[2017] NZSC 174
ESR Group (NZ) Limited v Burden and Ors20November2017[2017] NZSC 173
Z (SC 79/2017) v The Queen17November2017[2017] NZSC 172
Baker v Hodder17November2017[2017] NZSC 171
Jury v The Chief Executive of the New Zealand Customs Service17November2017[2017] NZSC 170
S (SC 39/2017) v R16November2017[2017] NZSC 169
Chesterfields Preschools Limited (In Liquidation) and Anor v The Commissioner of Inland Revenue16November2017[2017] NZSC 168
Trends Publishing International Limited v Advicewise People Limited and Ors07November2017[2017] NZSC 167
Rabson v Attorney-General06November2017[2017] NZSC 166
Eli Devoy v R06November2017[2017] NZSC 164
Rabson v Justices William Young, Arnold, Glazebrook, O'Regan and Ellen France 01November2017[2017] NZSC 163
New Health New Zealand Incorporated v South Taranaki District Council30October2017[2017] NZSC 162
Glenn Roderick Holland v The Chief Executive of The Department of Corrections27October2017[2017] NZSC 161Media release
Ian Alexander Shaw and Anor v Aluminium Plus Wellington Limited20October2017[2017] NZSC 160
Warren Charles Te Hei v R13October2017[2017] NZSC 159
Complainant A v New Zealand Law Society12October2017[2017] NZSC 158
Rowe v R12October2017[2017] NZSC 157
DB Breweries Limited v Chief Executive of the New Zealand Customs Service11October2017[2017] NZSC 156
Joanne Mihinui and Ors v Attorney-General for the Ministry of Education and Anor10October2017[2017] NZSC 155
Hubbard and Haynes v Kiwirail Ltd06October2017[2017] NZSC 153
Craig Duthie And Kirsten Taylor-Ruiterman v Denise Michelle Roose06October2017[2017] NZSC 152Media release
PricewaterhouseCoopers v Walker and Ors06October2017[2017] NZSC 151Media release
Kawarau Village Holdings Limited v Ho Kok Sun and Others06October2017[2017] NZSC 150Media release
W (SC 71/2017) v R06October2017 [2017] NZSC 154
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Attorney-General05October2017[2017] NZSC 149
Zhitong Li v R04October2017[2017] NZSC 148
Stanley Allen Gilmour v Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections03October2017[2017] NZSC 147
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Justices William Young, Arnold, Glazebrook, OʼRegan and Ellen France28September2017[2017] NZSC 146
Richard Frederick EILENBERG v Linda Alejandra Garcia LOURDES GUTIERREZ26September2017[2017] NZSC 144
Akuhatua Tihi v R21September2017[2017] NZSC 143
C (SC 75/2017) v R19September2017[2017] NZSC 141
Jawahar Bhaskar Musuku v Commissioner of Inland Revenue14September2017[2017] NZSC 140
David Brown and Glen Sycamore v New Zealand Basing Limited 13September2017[2017] NZSC 139 Media release
Sonsram Trustee Ltd v Harrison Grierson Consultants Ltd12September2017[2017] NZSC 138
Affco New Zealand Limited v New Zealand Meat Workers and Related Trades Union Inc and Others 07September2017[2017] NZSC 135Media release
A (SC 80/2017) v R06September2017[2017] NZSC 136
Musab Hamdi v R05September2017[2017] NZSC 134
Stanley Allen Gilmour v Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections04September2017[2017] NZSC 133
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand v Heli-logging Limited (in receivership and liquidation) and Ors31August2017[2017] NZSC 132
Hamish McIntosh v John Fisk and David Bridgman 31August2017[2017] NZSC 129Media release
Attorney-General v Arthur William Taylor & Ors30August2017[2017] NZSC 131
Tania Joy Lamb v The Attorney-General29August2017[2017] NZSC 128
Green Growth No. 2 Ltd v Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust28August2017[2017] NZSC 127
Y & P NZ Limited v Yang Wang and Chen Zhang22August2017[2017] NZSC 126
Jacqueline Ann Cameron v R21August2017[2017] NZSC 125
Dennis Rangiaho Hohua v R21August2017[2017] NZSC 124
Maythem Kamil Radhi v The District Court at Manukau18August2017[2017] NZSC 123
Sayed Reza Hussaini v R18August2017 [2017] NZSC 122
Matthew Richard Brown v New Zealand Police18August2017 [2017] NZSC 121
Viliami One Fungavaka v R 14August2017[2017] NZSC 119
Chatfield & Co Ltd v Commissioner of Inland Revenue11August2017[2017] NZSC 118
Rudi Hartono and Others v Ministry for Primary Industries09August2017[2017] NZSC 117
David Browne Contractors Limited and David Browne Mechanical Limited v David Ross Petterson as Liquidator of Polyethylene Pipe Systems Limited (in liquidation)07August2017[2017] NZSC 116Media release
Janet Elsie Lowe v Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health07August2017[2017] NZSC 115Media release
Mark David Chisnall v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections01August2017[2017] NZSC 114Media release
Auckland Council v Wendco (NZ) Limited 17July2017[2017] NZSC 113Media release
Torchlight No 1 LP (in receivership) v Wilaci Pty Limited14July2017[2017] NZSC 112
New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association Incorporated v Air New Zealand Limited14July2017[2017] NZSC 111Media release
Alister James Reid v R07July2017[2017] NZSC 108
Wayne Thomas Patterson v R06July2017[2017] NZSC 107
Hawke's Bay Regional Investment Company Limited v Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Incorporated06July2017[2017] NZSC 106Media release
Bruce James Spittle v R06July2017[2017] NZSC 105
Ahu Stanley Taylor v R04July2017[2017] NZSC 104
Tony Douglas Robertson v R04July2017[2017] NZSC 101
Z (SC 51/2017) v Z 03July2017[2017] NZSC 102
Lakes International Golf Management Limited v Hartley Clendon Vincent29June2017[2017] NZSC 99 Media release
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Ors29June2017[2017] NZSC 100
John Archibold Banks v R28June2017[2017] NZSC 98
Malcolm Edward Rabson as Trustee of the Rabson Family Trust v Iain Bruce Shephard and Anor23June2017[2017] NZSC 97
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Ors23June2017[2017] NZ 96
Stevenson Brown Limited v Montecillo Trust22June2017[2017] NZSC 95
L (SC 31/2017) v R21June2017[2017] NZSC 94
Mathew Ngatai Te Moananui v R20June2017[2017] NZSC 93
Activedocs Limited v Cadre Investments Limited, Michael William Scott Stanbridge and Treasury Merchant Finance Limited20June2017[2017] NZSC 91
Osborne and Rockhouse v Worksafe New Zealand19June2017[2017] NZSC 90
B v Waitemata District Health Board14June2017[2017] NZSC 88Media release
Kathryn Anne Harlen v The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development12June2017[2017] NZSC 87
Michael John Denney v R09June2017[2017] NZSC 85
Glenn Roderick Holland v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections08June2017[2017] NZSC 86
Angela Janice Harrison v Graeme Ross Harrison and Adrienne Harrison08June2017[2017] NZSC 84
Todd Aaron Marteley v R08June2017[2017] NZSC 83
Southland Indoor Leisure Centre Charitable Trust v Invercargill City Council30May2017[2017] NZSC 81
Janferie Maeve Almond v Bruce James Read 30May2017[2017] NZSC 80Media release
Oraka Technologies Limited v Napier Tool & Die Co Limited26May2017[2017] NZSC 79
Hamish McIntosh v John Howard Ross Fisk and David John Bridgman26May2017[2017] NZSC 78Media release
Ian Edward Hitchcock v The Queen17May2017[2017] NZSC 71
Alan Ivo Greer v The Queen16May2017[2017] NZSC 75
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Judicial Conduct Commissioner and Ors16May2017[2017] NZSC 74
Todd Aaron Marteley v R16May2017[2017] NZSC 72
Wellington International Airport Ltd v NZ Airline Pilots' Association Industrial Union of Workers Inc and Anor16May2017[2017] NZSC 70
Nicholas David Wright v Vijay Bhosale and Attorney General 09May2017[2017] NZSC 69
Midgen Enterprises Limited v UV Water Systems Limited09May2017[2017] NZSC 68
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Judicial Conduct Commissioner09May2017[2017] NZSC 66
Ram Chander Dahiya v The Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment08May2017[2017] NZSC 67
Clarence John Faloon v Commissioner of Inland Revenue05May2017[2017] NZSC 65
Lynda Rose Barry v Francis Carlisle04May2017[2017] NZSC 64
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Linda Gallagher04May2017[2017] NZSC 63
de Wys v Commissioner of Police04May2017 [2017] NZSC 62
Matthew John Young v The District Court at Hamilton03May2017[2017] NZSC 60
ASG v Harlene Hayne, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Otago03May2017[2017] NZSC 59Media release
Solicitor-General's Reference (No 1 of 2016) from CRI-2015-485-52, High Court at Christchurch03May2017[2017] NZSC 58Media release
Duthie and Taylor-Ruiterman v Denise Michelle Roose02May2017[2017] NZSC 57
Mateo Melina Nixon v R02May2017[2017] NZSC 56
Houghton v Saunders & Ors02May2017[2017] NZSC 55
Donna Michelle Ritchie v Accident Compensation Corporation01May2017[2017] NZSC 54
Mita Michael Ririnui v Landcorp Farming Limited01May2017[2017] NZSC 53
AN (SC 24/2017) v Bupa Care Services (New Zealand) Limited01May2017[2017] NZSC 52
B (SC 18/2017) v ALA (SC 18/2017)26April2017[2017] NZSC 51
Chisnall v Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections 13April2017[2017] NZSC 50
AN (SC 24/2017) v Bupa Care Services (New Zealand) Limited12April2017[2017] NZSC 49
Chatfield & Co Limited v Commissioner of Inland Revenue11April2017[2017] NZSC 48
Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd v McIntyre and Williamson Partnership and Ors10April2017[2017] NZSC 47
David Keith Silby v New Zealand Police07April2017[2017] NZSC 46
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Judicial Conduct Commissioner05April2017[2017] NZSC 45
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Linda Gallagher05April2017[2017] NZSC 44
An Application by Malcolm Edward Rabson05April2017[2017] NZSC 41
S (SC 148/2016) v R04April2017[2017] NZSC 43
Richard Lyall Genge v Superintendent of Christchurch Men's Prison28March2017[2017] NZSC 40
Gary Owen Burgess v Malley & Co27March2017[2017] NZSC 38
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Judicial Conduct Commissioner27March2017 [2017] NZSC 39
Kamal Singh v R24March2017[2017] NZSC 37
W v Family Court at North Shore and Anor17March2017[2017] NZSC 35
F v The Queen17March2017[2017] NZSC 34
Amanda Adele White v Christopher Maurice Lynch16March2017[2017] NZSC 32
Todd Aaron Marteley v R13March2017[2017] NZSC 31
AFFCO NZ Ltd v NZ Meat Workers & Related Trade Unions Inc and Ors09March2017[2017] NZSC 30
Ian Edward Hitchcock v R08March2017[2017] NZSC 29
Ivan Vladimir Joseph Erceg v Lynette Therese Erceg and Darryl Edward Gregory as Trustees of Acorn Foundation Trust and Lynette Therese Erceg and Darryl Edward Gregory as Trustees of Independent Group Trust08March2017[2017] NZSC 28Media release
Dillin Pakai v R08March2017[2017] NZSC 27
Y v The Attorney-General07March2017[2017] NZSC 26
X v YFT07March2017[2017] NZSC 25
Malcolm Edward Rabson v Attorney-General03March2017[2017] NZSC 22
Geary-Smart v R03March2017 [2017] NZSC 23
Malcolm Edward Rabson02March2017[2017] NZSC 19
Mark Albert Horsfall v Diana Jane Potter02March2017 [2017] NZSC 21
Rhys Richard (Ngahiwi) Warren v The Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections02March2017 [2017] NZSC 20
Michael Kristian Olsen V R02March2017 [2017] NZSC 18
Proprietors of Wakatu, Rore Pat Stafford and Rore Pat Stafford, Paul Te Poa Karoro Morgan, Waari Ward-Holmes, James Dargaville Wheeler (suing as Trustees of Te Kahui Ngahuru Trust) v Attorney-General28February2017[2017] NZSC 17Media release
Leslie McGeachin v The Queen24February2017[2017] NZSC 16
Ram Chander Dahiya v Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment22February2017[2016] NZSC 15
Crocodile International PTE Ltd v Lacoste21February2017[2017] NZSC 14Media release
New Health New Zealand Incorporated v South Taranaki District Council and Attorney-General for and on behalf of the Minister of Health20February2017[2017] NZSC 13
David Brown v New Zealand Basing Limited17February2017[2017] NZSC 12
Rae Beverly Adlam v John Tionga Savage and Ors17February2017[2017] NZSC 11
Janine Davina Sax v Luke Andrew Simpson and Anor17February2017[2017] NZSC 10
Gary Owen Burgess v Malley & Co16February2017[2017] NZSC 9
Amanda Adele White v Christopher Maurice Lynch16February2017[2017] NZSC 8
Dinh Tu Do v New Zealand Police13February2017[2017] NZSC 7
T (SC 117/2016) v R10February2017[2017] NZSC 6
Dean James Charlton v R09February2017[2017] NZSC 5
Samuel Owen Weenink v R09February2017[2017] NZSC 4
J (SC 93/2016) v Accident Compensation Corporation09February2017[2017] NZSC 3
Hyun Su Park v Joong Song Kwak And Hye Sook Kwak09February2017[2017] NZSC 2
Jay Maui WALLACE (AKA Abdullah Maui Warahi) v Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections01February2017[2017] NZSC 1