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The courts' schedules are called daily lists . Daily lists record times, locations, and other information about hearings before the courts. Daily lists are posted at each court building and published on this website.  The High Court and Supreme Court publish daily lists once they are available which is usually after 4pm if the Court is sitting the next day. The Court of Appeal intends to publish all daily lists for the following week on the preceding Friday.

In addition to daily lists , the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court publish a monthly list of upcoming hearings. The Supreme Court publishes all upcoming hearings

Note about all published lists : the lists may change significantly after the date of publication and may not reflect the Court’s business on any given date. Lists are intended as a guide only.

Te Kōti Matua – High Court

High Court daily list Thursday 15 April 2021 (PDF, 157 KB)

High Court daily list Friday 16 April 2021 (PDF, 121 KB)


Te Kōti Pīra - Court of Appeal   

Court of Appeal daily list for Tuesday 13 April 2021 (PDF, 131 KB)

updated: Court of Appeal daily list for Wednesday 14 April 2021 (PDF, 185 KB)


Te Kōti Mana Nui – Supreme Court 

No Supreme Court daily lists


Information about future cases: 

Upcoming cases: Supreme Court

Upcoming cases: Court of Appeal