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Daily Lists

The courts' schedules are called daily lists. Daily lists record times, locations and other information about hearings before the courts. Daily lists are posted at each court building and published on this website. 

The High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court publish daily lists once they are available which is usually after 4pm if the Court is sitting the next day. In addition to daily lists, the Court of Appeal publishes a monthly list of upcoming hearings and the Supreme Court publishes all upcoming hearings.

High Court

Please note that between Thursday the 20th day of December 2018 and Friday the 01st day of February 2019 (inclusive) the High Court has no scheduled sittings. For details of Court sittings during this period please contact your local Court.

Normal sittings will resume on Monday the 04th day of February 2019.


Court of Appeal  

No scheduled sittings in December 2018 and January 2019. Sittings will resume on Monday 11 February 2019


Supreme Court



Information about future cases: 

Upcoming cases Supreme Court

Upcoming cases Court of Appeal