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High Court Judgments of Public Interest


This page provides access to judgments of the High Court in the last 90 days deemed to be of particular public interest.

More information about finding court judgments is available on the judgments section of this website.

 It is the responsibility of users of the information contained in these decisions to ensure compliance with conditions or other legal obligations governing access, release, storage and re-publication. See also the guide on statutory provisions that prohibit publication of certain information in certain circumstances. If in doubt you should consult the court that issued the decision(s).  Judicial Decisions are presented in PDF format to preserve the integrity of the documents.

Guide on statutory provisions prohibiting publication



NameDate of JudgmentReferenceMedia release
R v Dixon20September2017[2017] NZHC 2279
R v Liev and Ors18September2017[2017] NZHC 2253
R v Heke08September2017[2017] NZHC 2187
R v Leota07September2017[2017] NZHC 2184
Morgan v Television New Zealand Ltd07September2017[2017] NZHC 2178
Godoy v R07September2017[2017] NZHC 2172
R v Sanft07September2017[2017] NZHC 2164
Shaw v Banks01September2017[2017] NZHC 2125
Kim v the Minister of Justice31August2017[2017] NZHC 2109
Newtown v Dunn29August2017[2017] NZHC 2083Media release
Pora v The Attorney-General28August2017[2017] NZHC 2081
SPX Flow Technologies NZ Ltd v Gas 1 Ltd25August2017[2017] NZHC 2049
Riches v Police24August2017[2017] NZHC 2035
R v Cook & Suarez-Juarez24August2017[2017] NZHC 2034
Xu & Diamantina Trust Ltd v IAG NZ Limited17August2017[2017] NZHC 1964
R v Warren11August2017[2017] NZHC 1913
Tucker v Real Estate Agents Authority10August2017[2017] NZHC 1894
Attorney-General v The Trustees of the Motiti Rohe Moana Trust10August2017[2017] NZHC 1886
R v Martel & Ors08August2017[2017] NZHC 1878
R v Turipa-Wano28July2017[2017] NZHC 1803
R v Grey27July2017[2017] NZHC 1756
R v Te Hei26July2017[2017] NZHC 1744
Lyttleton v Davison24July2017[2017] NZHC 1716
King v Attorney-General21July2017[2017] NZHC 1696
The Commissioner of Police v Skiffington20July2017[2017] NZHC 1687
R v Helmbright and Padden19July2017[2017] NZHC 1661
Smith v The Attorney-General on behalf of The Department of Corrections18July2017[2017] NZHC 1647
Wellington Tenths Trust v Skiffington18July2017[2017] NZHC 1646
R v Samson14July2017[2017] NZHC 1632
R v O'Brien & Ors13July2017[2017] NZHC 1625
R v Martin07July2017[2017] NZHC 1571
R v Goodburn07July2017[2017] NZHC 1567
Sadat v Tower Insurance & EQC06July2017[2017] NZHC1550Media release
R v Neil, Te Whetu and Parangi30June2017[2017] NZHC 1494
R v Rose30June2017[2017] NZHC 1488