Electronic casebooks

The electronic casebooks protocol

The Court of Appeal Registry provides counsel with casebooks in electronic form rather than in hard copy, and counsel are encouraged to file their submissions and bundles of authorities in electronic form.

NZLS CLE: Building electronic casebooks

A booklet created by NZLS CLE is freely available on their NZLS CLE website. The booklet and associated webinar are designed to educate the profession about the requirements of the Civil and Criminal Electronic protocols. It is a practical "how-to" guide to making electronic casebooks. It is intended to benefit both civil and criminal practitioners, and is available free of charge as a resource for practitioners encountering electronic casebooks for the first time. Frequently asked questions, answers and tips are now also downloadable.

Electronic casebooks for Criminal Appeals in the Court of Appeal

NZLS CLE: Building Electronic Casebooks
NZLS CLE: Frequently asked questions and tips

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