Upcoming cases - Supreme Court

As at 1 December 2021

Sittings of the Supreme Court are open to the public.

Upcoming fixtures are set out below: 

  • 9 February - 10 February

    Case number SC 93/2021

    Case name  Wairarapa Moana Ki Pouākani Incorporation v Mercury NZ Limited And Ors

    Judges tbc


    9 February - 10 February

    Case number SC 127/2021

    Case name  Ryshell Griggs and Mark Phillip Chamberlain on Behalf of Ngāi Tūmapūhia-ā-Rangi Hapū v Waitangi Tribunal and Ors

    Judges tbc


    22 February

    Case numberSC 57/2021

    Case name  Malcolm Bruce Moncrief-Spittle and David Cumin v Regional Facilities Auckland Ltd and Auckland Council

    Judges tbc


    24 February

    Case number SC 64/2021

    Case name  Melco Property Holdings (NZ) Limited v Anthony John Hall                                               

    Judges tbc


  • 7 March - 11 March

    Case number   SC 48/2021

    Case name  Richard Ciliang Yan v Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited (in liquidation), King Façade Limited (previously known as Richina Land Limited)(in liquidation), Mainzeal Group Limited (in Liquidation), Andrew James Bethell, Brian Mayo-Smith, Peter Gomm,    

    Judges tbc


    Case number  SC 52/2021

    Case name  Peter Gomm, Rt Hon Jennifer Mary Shipley and Clive William Charles Tilby v Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited ( in liquidation), Andrew James Bethell, Brian Mayo-Smith and Richard Ciliang Yan                                        

    Judges tbc


    22 March 2022

    Case number SC 32/2021

    Case name  Shane Dromgool, Dorothy Dromgool, Alan Darvall Poulton, Jennifer Poulton and Newman Farms Limited v Minister for Land Information                            

    Judges tbc


    24 March 2022

    Case number  SC 98/2021

    Case name  Christopher Ryan v Health and Disability Commissioner                                    

    Judges  tbc