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Reserved decisions

As at  5 January 2018

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Case number

SC 61/2017

Case name

Rudi Hartono and Others v Ministry for Primary Industries and Sajo Oyang Corporation

Date of hearing 14 November 2017
Judges Elias CJ. William Young, Glazebrook, O'Regan and Ellen France JJ




Case number

SC 135/2016

Case name

Eric Meserve Houghton v Timothy Ernest Corbett Saunders, Samuel John Magill, John Michael Feeney, Craig Edgeworth Horrocks, Peter David Hunter, Peter Thomas and Joan Withers, and Credit Suisse Private Equity Inc, and Credit Suisse First Boston Asian Merchant Partners LP, and First New Zealand Capital, and Forsyth Barr Limited

Date of hearing 5th, 6th and 7th September 2017
Judges Chief Justice, Glazebrook, O'Regan, Arnold and Kos JJ