Protocols: What courts are doing during COVID-19 alert levels

Updated 27 July 2020 (District Court Protocol - Isolation and Quarantine issued)

Following the move to Alert Level 1 on 9 June, the Courts have posted new practice notes and protocols.  These are effective from 10 June.

At Alert Level 1, heightened hygiene will be maintained.  Systems will be in place to enable voluntary contact tracing.  The Ministry of Justice has published details of these measures.

Each court’s protocol for Alert Level 1 will address arrangements for electronic filing.

Regular updates will continue to be made to this website and to the Courts of New Zealand Twitter account @CourtsofNZ.

Current protocols

The links below contain information issued by each court about how they are operating under COVID-19 Alert Level 1.  Unless otherwise stated, information is effective from 10 June 2020.

Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Remote Hearings Protocol

Supreme Court

Court of Appeal

High Court Remote Hearings Protocol

High Court

District Court

(including Family Court and Youth Court)

District Court Protocol: Isolation and Quarantine

Employment Court

Māori Land Court

Waitangi Tribunal

Environment Court

Coroners Court

Court Martial and Summary Appeal Court

Past protocols

Alert Level 2

Effective 11:59 pm 17 May 2020 to 10 June 2020

Alert Level 3

Effective 11:59 pm 27 April 2020 to 11:59 pm 17 May 2020

Alert Level 4

Effective 11:59 pm 25 March 2020 to 11:59 pm 27 April 2020